Candelo’s Corner – Readings from KDCL Media Hosts

Our gift to our faithful listeners–A month of show doing Readings. Happy Holidays from our House to yours. Tata Nganga Candelo Kimbisa and Miss Paula, co-founder, host, and producer,at KDCL Media will be your readers tonight. Miss Paula is a […]

Candelo’s Corner Reading at the Crossroads

Mon, December 10, 2012 05:00 pm KDCL Media & Candelo’s Corner offer a SPECIAL gift to our faithful listeners. For the month of December we will be bringing back prior guest readers to the show. Tonight’s guest readers will be […]

Candelo’s Corner Part 2 of Taking Back

What can we as practicioners do to take back do to take back the Palo tradition from the ‘stick and rock sellers’? What can we do to clean up the reputation of the Diasporic Traditional Religions that has been tarnished […]

Candelo’s Corner – Palo Mayombe and social media

Should Priests and Priestess who practice the Diasporic Tradition Religions be showing the sacred items of the tradition social media sites?, i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You have questions about the ancient practice of Palo? We may have your answers, […]

Candelo’s Corner – Spiritual Readings

In the second hour of tonight’s show, the Tatas will be doing a few mini-readings for our callers. As always, when you get a reading from spirit on KDCL Media, it’s about what spirit wants you to hear–not what you […]

Candelo’s Corner – Open Caller Lines

You have questions about the ancient practice of Palo? We may have your answers, but you’ll never know unless you call 917-889-7526. Play in new window | Download

Candelo’s Corner : Grave desecration

Following recent events…is the desecration of grave necessary in modern Palo? Unless there are extenuating circumstances, at what age should be the youngest a person is initiated into Palo? Play in new window | Download

Canelo’s Corner : Is Palo a “New Age” religion?

Is Palo a “New Age” religion? (Nature and the attainment of Enlightenment) The meaning of Enlightenment. Speaking in a language that the uninitiated can understand Those who leave Palo for the Church Paleros who tend to find other Paleros “New […]

Candelo’s Corner : Sei Chun (Yaya Canela) and Cyn Thomas (yaya Cyntellita)

Sei Chun (Yaya Canela) and Cyn Thomas (yaya Cyntellita) are high priestesses of the religion Palo mayombe. Both natural born muerteras, they do a variety of Spiritual work including readings (chamalongos, tarot), spiritual cleansings and spiritual works of all types. […]