Palo Mayombe Services

For more information on spiritual work or to book a reading, please visit our Readings & Rituals page.

Every session with Candelo is unique to the needs of the client. Working with his spirit guides, and using his seasoned knowledge of herbs and plants, ritual ceremonies and songs, he works with the forces of the unseen world to harmonize your energies with those of your ancestors and your own spirit guides, opening new pathways in your life and setting you on the road to greater success in all your endeavors.

A gifted medium and diviner, Candelo uses the tools of Kongo shamanism to locate where foreign entities and energies have invaded the client’s aura, a condition which can sap a person’s strength and luck over time, permitting illness,  unease and other forms of misfortune to gain a foothold.

His experience manipulating and redirecting these invisible currents of energy gives him the ability to break and clear away malign spiritual influences and bring in positive ancestral guidance so that the client can be restored to the harmonious vibratory state necessary optimal to health, happiness and success.

A private spiritual investigation helps you to connect with and learn about your ancestral spirits and guides. You will also learn what special precautions you might need to take in order to live your best life and continue your spiritual evolution.

For a client with an especially stubborn problem, special ceremonies may be called for; these may be scheduled upon request.

Candelo also conducts spiritual cleaning and blessing rituals for new businesses and homes that can drastically change the flow or current of energy in a space.


Services provided for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace the recommendations of medical, legal, or financial professionals or other professional counselors. You must be 18+.