Candelo’s Corner – J. Thorp, Necromancy Author

When I was 8 years old, I had my first experience with the Death Entity. It was shortly before I was hit by a car. Death came to my room and stood above me. My spirit felt like it was being grabbed out of my body.  This was the first real spiritual interaction I had with the force known as Death.

At 12, I found a new love of the spiritual, through the Ouija board. I made one out of paper and used a dime as a planchette.

I was 16 when my grandmother’s spirit came to me, shortly before she died to say goodbye.

I began to study Demonolatry, dedicated myself to my patron Demon.

At 24, I had my near death experience. I was put into a medically induced coma for 11 days. I remember the Death Entity coming to me, skeletal in form, wrapped in a white lacy shroud. Death told me that it wasn’t my time.

After my NDE, I realized that the being I met was Eurynomous. I kept practicing Demonolatry, got into the community and wrote Demonolatry themed books.

I left in 2008, and found Palo Mayombe. I was having spiritual issues and was introduced to a non-traditional Palero. He was impressed I kept picking up Centella’s presence and I worked with her and other Nkisi. He said I was a natural medium. He instructed me about the Dead, how to work with them in a Palo oriented way.

The results I had from Palo rituals were the most powerful experience I had ever felt, but I never received initiation.

I began to work my own Necrosophic study. I wrote Memento Mori: A Practical Guide to Working With the Dead, and Communing With the Dead.

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