Candelo’s Corner Shares Messages From Spirit

Tata Candelo and Miss Paula team-up for readings to bring you messages from the ancestors and nfumbe. Conversations with the priests and priestess of the Diasporic and African traditional religion of Palo and other indigenous traditions. Play in new […]

Candelo’s Corner Reading at the Crossroads

Mon, December 10, 2012 05:00 pm KDCL Media & Candelo’s Corner offer a SPECIAL gift to our faithful listeners. For the month of December we will be bringing back prior guest readers to the show. Tonight’s guest readers will be […]

Candelo’s Corner Palo 101

What a person should expect from a divinatory reading by a Tata or Yaya? What are the reasons for getting initiated into palo/ What is expected from you as a new initiate? What is expected of your Tata after initiation? […]

Candelo’s Corner Part 2 of Taking Back

What can we as practicioners do to take back do to take back the Palo tradition from the ‘stick and rock sellers’? What can we do to clean up the reputation of the Diasporic Traditional Religions that has been tarnished […]

Readings & Rituals

    All appointments times are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time. BUSINESS HOURS Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (562) KIMBISA or (562) 546-2472     SCHEDULING My calendar requires a 24-hour advanced notice. You will […]

Candelo’s Corner – Ancestor, Bakulu, Nfumbe Reverence

We are all comprised of all the elements of the planet. Are we linked to our ancestors, bakulu, nfumbe through those same elements, or is the disposition different because the elements are effected by the changes in the environment, i.e. […]

Candelo’s Corner – Adultery & the Ancestors

What are Palo’s views on adultery and other ethical questions? How do you incorporate the new generation’s view of the archetypes of Egun, i.e. LaMadama, Don Jose, etc.? How do you incorporate them into your spiritual lineage? You have questions […]

Candelo’s Corner : Bakulu, Bankita, Ancestors, Nfumbe

Bakulu, Bankita, Ancestors, Nfumbe. What do they mean in Palo and what is their importance? What makes Palo different or similiar to the dieties of other cultures around the world? Call 917-889-7526. You have questions about the ancient practice of […]

Candelo’s Corner : More listener questions about the ramas of Palo mayombe

You have questions about the ancient practice of Palo? We may have your answers, but you’ll never know unless you call 917-889-7526. The importance of PatiPembe (Firmas) in Palo. Differences in beliefs and practices in the different Ramas of Palo

Candelo’s Corner : Listener Questions

Tonight is about you and your specific questions. Call 917-889-7526 to have YOUR questions answered. We’re never too old to seek new knowledge, new understanding of the people around us. It’s time we begin building bridges instead of walls. So […]