Candelo’s Corner Part 2 of Taking Back

What can we as practicioners do to take back do to take back the Palo tradition from the ‘stick and rock sellers’? What can we do to clean up the reputation of the Diasporic Traditional Religions that has been tarnished […]

Candelo’s Corner – Adultery & the Ancestors

What are Palo’s views on adultery and other ethical questions? How do you incorporate the new generation’s view of the archetypes of Egun, i.e. LaMadama, Don Jose, etc.? How do you incorporate them into your spiritual lineage? You have questions […]

Candelo’s Corner: on Palo initiation

A consultation with a Tata or Yaya reveals you need to be initiated — scratched. What does that mean, where do you go? What do you do, and where does it lead? You have questions about the ancient practice of […]