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Candelo’s Corner – Tata Eoghan Ballard, PhD

Conversations with the priests and priestess of the Diasporic and African traditional religion of Palo. Surprise guest, Tata Eoghan Ballard, PhD to talk about his new website Gnostic Reiki Play in new window | Download

Candelo’s Corner – The Importance of Oaths in Palo

Conversations with the priests and priestess of the Diasporic and African traditional religion of Palo. Oaths in Palo – are they still a fundamental or a thing of the past! Play in new window | Download

Nsala Malekum!

Welcome, weary traveller, to the internet home of Candelo Kimbisa, host of the popular Candelo’s Corner Palo Mayombe talk show and creator of the Candelo Kimbisa line of spiritual products. Listen to past episodes of the show and learn about Palo Mayombe, […]

Candelo’s Corner Palo 101

What a person should expect from a divinatory reading by a Tata or Yaya? What are the reasons for getting initiated into palo/ What is expected from you as a new initiate? What is expected of your Tata after initiation? […]

Candelo’s Corner Part 2 of Taking Back

What can we as practicioners do to take back do to take back the Palo tradition from the ‘stick and rock sellers’? What can we do to clean up the reputation of the Diasporic Traditional Religions that has been tarnished […]

Candelo’s Corner – History of the Kimbisa Rama

Mon, October 29, 2012 – 5PM EST Tatas Oscar Guerrero and Eoghan Ballard, PhD, join host Candelo Kimbisa to share the history of the Quimbisa (Kimbisa) Rama of Palo. Oscar Guerrero originally initiated into Palo in 1995 and currently resides in Miami, […]

Ancestor Healing (Guest Host)

Tata Saulembo (aka “Ancestor Healing”) A first-generation Northerner of mixed Cherokee-Blackfoot and Gullah-Geechee heritage, Tata Saulembo (aka “Ancestor Healing”) grew up surrounded by the artifacts and rituals of South Carolina Conjure, a secretive branch of family folk magic  traditionally passed […]

Palo Mayombe Services

For more information on spiritual work or to book a reading, please visit our Readings & Rituals page. Every session with Candelo is unique to the needs of the client. Working with his spirit guides, and using his seasoned knowledge […]

Readings & Rituals

    All appointments times are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time. BUSINESS HOURS Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (562) KIMBISA or (562) 546-2472     SCHEDULING My calendar requires a 24-hour advanced notice. You will […]