Candelo’s Corner With Jesse & Troy From Wolf & Goat

Jesse Hathaway Diaz is a Tatá Quimbanda and crowned olosha. Initiations in several forms of Witchcraft, lifelong student of Mexican curanderismo, a Santa Muertero, root worker, professional reader, and Freemason. He is an artist and performer, and is co-owner of Wolf & Goat, their online […]

Nsala Malekum!

Welcome, weary traveller, to the internet home of Candelo Kimbisa, host of the popular Candelo’s Corner Palo Mayombe talk show and creator of the Candelo Kimbisa line of spiritual products. Listen to past episodes of the show and learn about Palo Mayombe, […]

Palo Mayombe Services

For more information on spiritual work or to book a reading, please visit our Readings & Rituals page. Every session with Candelo is unique to the needs of the client. Working with his spirit guides, and using his seasoned knowledge […]