October, 2012

Candelo’s Corner – Taking our religion back

Monday October 23, 2012 – 8 PM EST http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kdclmedia/2012/10/23/candelos-corner Palo Mayombe today is a public relations disaster area, plagued with the imagery of horror movies and gangsterism on the one hand and prejudice, infighting and misinformation on the other. What […]

Candelo’s Corner – Ancestor, Bakulu, Nfumbe Reverence

We are all comprised of all the elements of the planet. Are we linked to our ancestors, bakulu, nfumbe through those same elements, or is the disposition different because the elements are effected by the changes in the environment, i.e. […]

Candelo’s Corner Ladies Night with Yayis Ahmadi Riverwolf & Jhadas Adams

I’m Ahmadi Riverwolf. My name in Palo is Yayi Nganga Tormenta Kaluguera. I’m the daughter of a West Philly English teacher and spent the most of my childhood roaming through metaphysical book shops and learning at the side of the […]