Candelo’s Corner with Brother Moloch 969


Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.: is a modern day Sorcery and Houngan Asogwe (re: Priest) in Haitian Vodu and also the author of Pragmatic Magics: A Grimoire of Modern Sorcery and several other works. He started out on this path on November 17, 1987 and through the years has been involved in covens, groups, movements and finally went rogue to distance himself from the ever growing politico system that modern day paganism has enmeshed itself into.

His focus of study has consistently stayed Sorcery which is less of a system and more of individual techniques and practices that he’s acquired or discovered over the years of practice and then took the whole and put them together so he could have a coherent system to base his practices on. Even though he is a Pantheist, he does not eschew the Judeo-Christian perspective simply because it is a well known fact that both systems of religion have taken older Magical practices, prayers and words of power and claimed them.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in many areas including:

  • Writing for Pagan and Metaphysical magazines and journals
  • Organizing Metaphysical events & festivals
  • Organizing covens & study groups
  • Doing both newspaper & radio interviews
  • Authored several books & courses
  • Taught students & apprentices worldwide
  • Amassed a huge library of a few thousand books on Sorcery, Magic, Mysticism, Qabala, Astrology
  • Created several websites devoted to Sorcery
  • Developed my own brand of Hybrid Sorcery Radionic machines

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