January, 2012

Candelo’s Corner : good and evil in Palo

Is there a concept of good and evil in Palo or is energy just energy? Is God a part of Palo? In what role? Is Palo esoteric or exoteric? Influenced by the Catholic roots of many of its practioneers? What […]

Candelo’s Corner : Misas, Espiritism, Spirituality

Misas, Espiritism, Spirituality. What is their place and how do they dovetail with the practice of Palo? You have questions about the ancient practice of Palo? We may have your answers, but you’ll never know unless you call. We’re never […]

Candelo’s Corner : karma in the Congo traditions

I heard someone say: “There is no karma in the Congo traditions.” So we ask, “Do you think that’s true and why?” Also, how do you see the Palo tradition evolving in the future? You have questions about the ancient […]