September, 2011

Candelo’s Corner : Sei Chun (Yaya Canela) and Cyn Thomas (yaya Cyntellita)

Sei Chun (Yaya Canela) and Cyn Thomas (yaya Cyntellita) are high priestesses of the religion Palo mayombe. Both natural born muerteras, they do a variety of Spiritual work including readings (chamalongos, tarot), spiritual cleansings and spiritual works of all types. […]

Candelo’s Corner : Listener Call-In

He sits in the corner of the temple…waiting. Waiting for those who come seeking…seeking knowledge…knowledge of the past…the present…the future, perhaps just a new road to travel, or mayhap old friends dropped by for a bit of fun. You have […]

Candelo’s Corner : Labor Day

Messages from Nfumbe. Special for Labor Day Monday. Candelo Kimbisa will be spending the entire show in front of his Nganga. As always regular listeners at KDCL Media will receive preferential treatment in que for messages from Spirit, otherwise it’s […]