Candelo’s Corner with High Priest & Author Kyle Leite

Kyle Leite, AKA Firewolf, is an Ordained High Priest and Elder of the Witches Craft, descending from Greco-Roman ancestry. The magic began at the age of 8, when Kyle stumbled a book called Good Magick. For the next few years Kyle practiced Witchcraft “in the broom closet”. At 14, he gave his aunts a tarot reading for the first time, surprising himself, and especially his aunts. This ignited a passion for the Old Religion, and his training began.

He is trained in and is now teaching – the Old Ways of Witchcraft in five Traditions of Wicca and Witchcraft. He received his Certification in Crystal Healing Therapy at the age of 18, is acknowledged as a Certified Clairvoyant by the School of Theology, and has privately worked for numerous local police departments along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. He began offering psychic readings professionally in Boston as a Boston Premier Psychic, but quickly became known nation-wide. He is the author ofFirewolf’s Book of Spells Book OneFirewolf’s Black Mirror MagickSimple Spells for a Happy Home, and Firewolf’s Practical Candle Magick.

Kyle is a popular lecturer and teacher on the Ancient Craft of the Southeastern Mediterranean Religions, The Science of The Craft,  Herbalism, Tarot, Divination, Love Magick, Benedicarian Witchcraft, and has been featured on talk-shows, magazines and popular publications. Since 2003, Kyle has founded three Witches’ Covens in the United States, spanning throughout the country from the East Coast to the West.

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