Candelo’s Corner Welcomes Kyle Brandon Leite

Kyle Leite or Firewolf, is an Ordained High Priest and Elder of the Witches Craft, descending from Greco-Roman ancestry. The magic began at the young age of eight years old, when Kyle stumbled upon a bookstore in Southeastern Massachusetts and a book called Good Magick. For the next few years Kyle practiced Witchcraft “in the broom closet” until he was fourteen, when he gave his aunts a tarot reading for the first time, surprising himself, and especially his aunts.

He has practiced Witchcraft for over two decades, trained in – and teaching  the Old Ways of Witchcraft in five Traditions of Wicca and Witchcraft. He is Certifide in Crystal Healing Therapy, and acknowledged as a Certified Clairvoyant by the School of Theology.

He is the author of Firewolf’s Book of Spells Book One, Firewolf’s Black Mirror Magick, “Simple Spells for a Happy Home, Firewolf’s Practical Candle Magick, and “Firewolf’s Magickal Bathing Rituals!”

Kyle is a popular lecturer and teacher. Since 2003, Kyle has founded three Witches’ Covens in the United States, spanning throughout the country from the East Coast to the West.

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