Candelo’s Corner Readings with Dr. Hob & SIlver Shadow

KDCL Media and Candelo’s Corner gives out faithful listeners a holiday THANK YOU! by doing readings all the Mondays in December. Tonight’s readers are Dr. Hob and SilverShadow.

Doctor Hob is a professional reader, and practicing Conjure doctor from Memphis, Tennessee. Besides his work in the hoodoo tradition, he is also a student of the African Traditional Religions, American folk magic, and the Western occult tradition. He is a graduate of Catherine Yronwodes Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, and the co-host of The Lamplighter Blues; a podcast dedicated to discussing the practices of hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure.

A native to the Chicagoland area, SilverShadow is the host of the Podcast “The Pagan Rapport” and co-host of “Lamplighter Blues”. Being new to the scene his podcast is gaining speed through friends of the show, allowing him to interview big names within the occult community. He’s an initiated Alexandrian Priest learning a Stregha path now. He is also a practicing rootworker.

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