Q: Who are you?
A: We are Initiates in the Cuban Religion known as Kimbisa Rule of the Saint Christ of the Good Journey.

Q: Do you speak Spanish?
A: Claro! Hablamos español!

Q: Are you Mayomberos?
A: Yes, We are. The better word to describe Us is: Mayomberos Kimbisa. Actually We are Mayomberos, Brillumberos, Kimbiseros and Haitianos. We have tratados with all them.

Q: Aren’t Kimbisa and Santo Cristo Buen Viaje the same thing?
A: No, Kimbisa is Kimbisa and Kimbisa Santo Cristo Buen Viaje is another thing. In fact there are Kimbiseros who are not of +S+C+B+V+. The Founder of the Kimbisa Rule of the Saint Christ of the Good Journey, Tata Mpambia

Andrés Petit reformed the Original Kimbisa Tradition creating a new Rule and adding the best of the other Religions and Traditions of Cuba. Kimbisa came directly from Africa, Kimbisa +S+C+B+V+ is creole, was created in Cuba. Some spells Tata Andrés Petit’s reform Quimbisa.

Q: Are you legitimate descendants of Andrés Petit?
A: Yes, We are proudly Heirs of such a great Initiate.

Q: When was the Kimbisa Order founded?
A: Well, we don’t really have fixed dates. More or less, Kimbisa was founded in Africa and is VERY ancient. We believe that the Kimbisa rule per se, was founded at the time of the first Christian King of the Kongo, His Majesty King Afonso Ist. The Kimbisa was the High Priest of the Congo Kingdom.
The Kimbisa Rule of the Saint Christ of the Good Journey was founded around 1853. The date is uncertain too but 1853 is probably the most accurate.

Q: Was the Christian syncretism with Kongo Traditional Religion born in Cuba during slavery time?
A: No, absolutely not. The syncretism began already in Africa when the Portuguese Explorer Diego Cao went to Congo. Congolese people accepted Christianity and integrated Christian Theology and Symbolism within their Traditional Religion. Obviously the diaspora had a great influence but the Kimbisa Tradition was born earlier.

Q: What are the elements you borrow from other Religions?
A: We took the best of Bantu Traditional Religions, Santeria and Ifa, Voudoun, Spiritualism, Roman Catholic Church, Abakua’ Secret Society and Freemasonry.

Q: Isn’t it too much?
A: No, as We told you, We took ONLY the best (at least that’s what We believe

Q: Why “Institution That Wins”?
A: Because Our Founder took the best of various Religions and Traditions to create something new more suitable for the modern man. Actually many Cubans were/are initiated in various Traditions so Tata Andrés Petit simply found a way to integrate all of them.

Q: How many degrees do you have in your Tradition?
A: We have mainly four degrees. They are Ngueyo (Novice), Tata (divided in two: Tata Nkisi and Tata Nganga), Tatandi (Elder, Owner of a Temple) and another Secret One you can call Guatukan Tata Nganga.

Q: What is the secret of the secret degree?
A: Being the secret of the secret degree secret, it’s secret, it’s so simple!

Q: When may in your Rule a person run a Munanso/Temple?
A: In the Kimbisa Rule as well in ANY other Congo Rule of Cuba a simple Tata Nganga CAN’T initiate other people nor form a Munanso. A Tata Nganga (a Tata Nkisi Malongo with his own prenda/s) SHOULD receive “Mbele” becoming a Tatandi. The ceremony of the Mbele is quite complicated and gives to the Initiate the right to initiate others and sets up and rules an indipendent Temple/Munanso. Actually there are too many people that scratches people while being simple Tata Ngangas. That’s a great error and will cause later several problems.

Q: How many ngangas should a Kimbisero own?
A: It depends on the Path of the person. In Our Order a Kimbisero to form a Munanso and scratch should have actually almost all the Ngangas. We consider this a very important matter. There are too many people that initiate people having only a couple of Ngangas.
We believe you can’t give to others what you don’t have; so if you don’t have received a particular Nganga you can’t scratch people who are sons of a particular Deity. For example if you don’t have Coballende, you can’t scratch a son of Him because there’s no firmeza, no stability.

Q: Do you believe in Jesus Christ?
A: Yes, but we are not mainstream Christians. We should be considered Congolese Christians.

Q: Do you receive inspirations from Andrés Petit?
A: Tata Mpambia Andrés Petit is VERY honored by all Kimbiseros and Paleros in generally worldwide.
For respect We always mention Him in Our prayers and invocations but just that. There are peoples who claims to channel Tata Petit’s, We don’t take it even in consideration.

Q: Do you initiate gays or lesbians in your Rule?
A: No, absolutely not. It’s a strong taboo since Africa times. It’s strictly forbidden.

Q: What do you think about Gay Paleros or Kimbisa?
A: Nothing, they don’t exist. If a gay person claims to be Palero or Kimbisero simply he/she isn’t.

Q: We have known many Paleros who are gay people, what do you think?
A: That’s not Palo Mayombe nor Kimbisa. It’s another thing and I don’t know what it is.

Q: Could women be Kimbiseras?
A: Yes, they can. We had very famous Kimbiseras.

Q: Can women own a Nganga in Kimbisa?
A: Yes, they can, but they can’t initiate people directly nor prepare ngangas, they need a male initiate with the rank of Tatandi to help them.

Q: Do you believe in God?
A: We believe in a supreme Deity called Nsambia or Nsambi. Then We have Guatoko Nsambi (Jesus Christ) and Nsambiampungo Nsambia Nliri (Holy Ghost). Mary is called Ndona Madia or Yaya Nzambi, Mother of God. Also She is called Kalunga.

Q: Do you believe in Satan?
A: No, We don’t. We don’t have a God of Evil, an Enemy like mainstream Christians. We may have a dark and powerful figure that could be barely compared with Satan and is called Kadiempembe, Lukankazi or Lungambe but He’s not really the Christian Devil.

Q: Being Santero, can I became Kimbisero too?
A: Yes. A Santero may undergo a ceremony called Jubilacion.
Then the person may own Nganga. A Jubilado can’t scratch etc. It’s just for protection etc. normally. The Jubilacion is a sort of remedy. That means that the Santeria ceremonies done for the person has been bad done and in rush because nobody saw that the person had another Path to follow. It’s a very common thing. People are rushed to became Santeros so the supposed Godparents will have quick money.

Q: During a reading, a Santero told me I need to be initiated in Palo. What should I do then?
A: Kimbisa is a Rule, a Religion per se. We are totally indipendent. A Babalawo (or a Santero) doesn’t have any real connection ith us, except of course for those who already are initiated in Kimbisa too. You need to speak and do a reading with a Palero or Kimbisero.
Kimbisa Santo Cristo Buen Viaje is different from Palo, even if We share many things.

Q: I’ve heard very bad things about Paleros, do you practice black magick?
A: That’s Hollywood propaganda. No comment.

Q: Do you make Prendas Espirituales?
A: A Prenda or Caldero Espiritual ( Spiritual Cauldron) belongs to Espiritismo Cruzado and it isn’t really a Kimbisa stuff. Calderos Espirituales are absolutely not Ngangas.
The Spiritual Cauldron actually is the House where a particular Spiritual Guide tied to Congolese Tradition lives. It is used for protection and wellbeing of the owner, it doesn’t receive blood offerings, just cigar smoke, incense, flowers and ron libations. The Spiritual Cauldron is not very complicated to make, and is prepared following the direct advices of the Spirit that asked for it. A real Kimbisa Nganga is a lot more complicated to make.

Q: What do you use for readings?
A: In the Kimbisa Rule We have various oracles, from possession to cowrie shells, depending on the Priest and His Spirits.

Q: Can I become your Godson?
A: This is absolutely not a commercial website and we are not recruiting new members.

This website – Regla Kimbisa del Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje has been done and is maintained with the sole purpose of giving some insights about Our Beloved Religion since Lydia Cabrera’s book. We believe that fewer is better.